Murray Gold is the composer for the revived series of Doctor Who.

Among his duties was composing new arrangements of the Doctor Who theme. To date he was arranged several different versions of the theme for broadcast (including two distinct opening theme arrangements, plus another version that was only used in trailers and promotions in 2005), and several more for live performance. Gold has therefore created more official arrangements of the theme than any other Doctor Who franchise composer.

Gold has also composed all the incidental music for Doctor Who since 2005, as well as major work on music for Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures (including the themes for both series). He has also written five songs for the series: "Song For Ten" (The Christmas Invasion), "Love Don't Roam" (The Runaway Bride), "My Angel Put the Devil in Me" (Daleks in Manhattan), "The Stowaway" (Voyage of the Damned) and "Song of Freedom" (Planet of the Ood and Journey's End). Three soundtracks for Doctor Who featuring his music and songs have been released to date, and he also has contributed to the two volumes of Torchwood soundtracks (mostly via his theme).

Murray Gold also appeared, in a cameo role, as a guitarist in Voyage of the Damned.

He was interviewed about his DW music by "Sound On Sound" magazine in the June 2007 issue. (See [1])

In an online interview conducted for the website Music from the Movies, Gold confirmed that he will return as house composer for the 2010 season of Doctor Who and that he will undertake an unprecedented third major rearrangement of the televised opening theme.